Juves academy

Are you a dermatologist, plastic surgeon or aesthetician practitioner and would you like to expand your medical activities area by practicing the latest aesthetic methods and techniques with the most advanced, safe and effective injectable products? Or do you already have experience in performing treatments with botox and fillers, but you want to improve and perfect the techniques of injection and this way to become confident in the results provided by our products?

Because we want you to discover the fine art of aesthetics and to share with you the professional experience of aesthetician doctors with extensive clinical experience, which are successfully using Juves products, we have established our own training center-Juves Academy.

We offer intensive training programs in aesthetic medicine, which aims to develop and improve skills as well as getting practical experience in performing minimally invasive aesthetic procedures. So the trainee doctors will be able to practice and promote these services in their own clinics and med-spa`s.

You will learn how to use FigurHa and SIMETRO fillers to treat the signs of aging, to correct the facial imperfections and to reveal the natural beauty of each patient in an easy, safe and comfortable way.

You will also get valuable and detailed information about: our products, injection techniques, safety and efficacy issues, management of complications and their treatment, treatment protocols, pricing policy, market trends, advertising methods, atc.

The courses are held by dr.Iancu Morad, famous plastic surgeon from Romania, who has over 8 years experience in performing the most advanced aesthetic treatments and facial rejuvenation.

With extraordinary results ahieved among romanian personalities and promoting safe and fast treatment results, it was consecrated his reputation of "Celebrities doctor".

These courses are intensive, "hands-on" and focus on the practical side of aesthetic medicine. So at the end of it, participants will be able to perform in conditions of maximum safety the treatments that have been trained for. More than that, they will know how to treat the possible complications and will know how to promote those procedures in cabinets and specialty clinics.

Juves Academy organizes both group courses with maximum 6-10 participants or personalized courses 1:1. Individual courses are especially designed for doctors with little experience in performing aesthetic medicine treatments, take place during an entire working day, disposing of 10 to 20 cases.

The courses take place in one of the top clinics Luxury Aesthetics from Romania (Bucharest) or in the residence country of the trainee doctor, in a clinic location.

As a result of the worldwide explosive growth of aesthetic industry in the past years, aesthetician practitioners should become trully competitive. Therefore, they should learn the art of aesthetic medicine from the best specialists.
Juves Academy will help you evolve in your career and develop your own business by promoting and providing high quality medical services, safe and effective.

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Types of courses

The courses are structured on three levels of training, depending on the education level of the doctor:

- Basic: fillers injection course - hyaluronic acid and calcium hydroxyapatite implant. Mainly adressed to aesthetic physicians who wish to deepen their clinical knowledge in practicing the most requested treatments performed in plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine clinics.
- Advanced: for those who want to learn injection techniques of fillers for more difficult areas such as: dark circles,tear troughs, nose, cheekbones, facial contouring.
- Expert: for those who have completed one of the basic or advanced courses and want to practice and perfect their skills during a professional experience exchange with Dr.Morad Iancu.

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